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Way out of their class!"
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"Out of their Class"

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HorsesOnly Equine  Internet Advertising

Sager Ranch and "The Last Cowboy"
Sager Ranch. Porcupine, SD  APHA Horses and Registered Red Angus Cattle

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Advertising and promotion of your equine products and services on a high quality, high traffic web site dedicated to breeders and showmen of Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas.

The difference is obvious!

Expect results!

  We understand the will to win,  the challenges of becoming the best, 
the satisfaction that comes from hard work, and the thrill of achievement.

We  currently achieve up to  3  million hits every month! 
Traffic is exploding as horsemen return to use our unique resources,
assuring repeat visits and word-of-mouth promotion of our web.

Your advertising is on target for a growing audience
of motivated horse owners who appreciate our quality "low commercial" atmosphere.  For an advertiser,  it doesn't get better than that!.

Fast, secure online payments.

Banner Ad Rates:

Column-top Banner Ad space is available in most areas of our site for $50 per month.  We allow only one banner and one "button" ad per pageso you will have exclusivity.   See below for available sections.

All prices subject to change without notice.

468 x 60 pixel standard banner:   View Sample

$ 50.

 1 month prepaid



 3 months prepaid

save $25.


 6 months prepaid

save $75.


 12 months prepaid

save $200.

Menu Button Ad Rates:

Prime Position ads near the top of Section Menus are available starting at $500 per month.  Six-month and annual rates are available,  below, but prime advertising locations require a minimum 12 month contract..  

This type "button" ad is available in several section of our site.  We allow only one banner and one "button" ad per page,  so you will have exclusivity.  Dimensions are 150 wide x 200 pixels high.

150 x 200 pixels "Button" Section 
Menu Ads display on multiple pages!
Price quotes issued upon request
       based upon current traffic volume.

$150 to $500 ... 1 month prepaid
$1,000  ...  $5000  annually (prepaid)

Request a Quote on Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual rates.

Targeting Quarter Horse, Paint or Appaloosa horsemen? Ask Andrea for a quote on annual Master buttons for those breeds. 785-456-8600.


Sager Ranch. Porcupine, SD  APHA Horses and Registered Red Angus Cattle

Positioning available for Advertising:

The Stallion Finder  Index pages have one banner spot per page available.

The Futurity Guide  Many locations available - one banner spot per page.

Pedigree Pursuits  Many locations available - one banner spot per page.

Crossroads  Many locations available - one banner spot per page.

I look forward to helping you develop a strong marketing presence on our site to achieve your business goals.  Please let me know how I can help you find the best position for your advertising.

Andrea Mattson,  owner/webmaster
PO Box 148
Wamego  KS  66547-0148

E-mail Andrea
Phone: 785-456-8600

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are considering several national level non-competitive sponsors for exclusive sponsorship of major sections of our web sites.  These opportunities will best suit companies with products and services used by horse breeders, showmen, national level competitors, trainers, sport and recreational  enthusiasts.  Please contact us for further information.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Banner Ads  |  Menu Button Ads  |  Available Positioning
Sponsorship Opportunities
  |  Web Design

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