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Scam Alerts!

We use PayPal as our online payment system,  in which you  click a web page button to securely log in to the PayPal web site ... whose URL begins with  (note the https ends in "s" which means this is a "secure" site) 
We NEVER  call you by phone or ask you to send us credit card information through an EMAIL link.  If you receive such a request by EMAIL or PHONE which appears to come from us, you can be sure that IT IS NOT COMING FROM US. and you should hang up the phone or delete the email immediately without clicking any links in the email.  It is surely a "phishing" scam to trick you into revealing financial information which can be used fraudulently. You should contact your bank or financial institution if you have given such information via email or a telephone call to ANYONE.

Please be aware of a scam has been become widespread in targeting sellers advertising  pets,  livestock, automobiles,  and other items. Often this involves buyers from Nigeria,  Africa, and recently,  Holland. 

Usually these offenders send email offers to purchase your animals or other items at a price much higher than you had asked,  then mail you a worthless  Money Order or Cashier's Check for an even larger amount and ask you to refund part of the overpayment to another person they owe money to for some other transaction or service . 

Sometimes this person is said to be a Secretary,  or is represented as the person who will provide transportation for the animal purchased.  Of course,  the funds they have sent you are not good,  and they are hoping  you send them good money which they will cash before you realize  you have been defrauded.  Your bank will withdraw the amount of the bad  check or money order from your bank account when it is returned to them unpaid ... which it will ... even if they previously gave you credit for the amount.  So,  you will have lost the animal or merchandise you sold,  plus losing whatever amount you sent their representative!!  

Some people have reported to me that they actually received these bad money orders from ads they ran on our site ... so we know these scammers have found their way to Wamego.  Fortunately,  these sellers  suspected something was quite wrong,  and waited until the bank  found out if the payment was good.  Naturally,  it was not good,  but it gave the crooks time to disappear,  change their names, email address and other phony contact information,  and go on their merry way.  It is very difficult to catch these people.  

These scammers apparently send out thousands of these solicitations in order to catch someone unaware of the attempted fraud.  Often the letters are written in broken English,  contain misspelled words and are not appropriate for the ad they are responding to.  They always offer far more for the purchase than your stated price.  I recently received a $1,000.00 offer to purchase a free kitten I had listed on this site.  I replied that I wanted a million dollars and would share the details of this  generous offer with the State Attorney General.  He didn't bother to send the money.

Your best protection is to use common sense ... if it sounds too good to be true,  it probably is.  NEVER refund an amount from a payment made in this manner for any reason!  You have no protection.  Don't provide any bank information until you have complete confidence in the buyer.  Be suspicious of offers of more money than you asked for,  especially when the "buyer" has not asked enough questions regarding the animal to warrant such an offer.  Get everything in writing,  including all contact information and details of your agreement.  Don't be pressured into a quick sale and delivery of the animal. 

If you suspect that you have been approached by a person using these tactics,  you can report the incident to:

US Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint Form:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 

In Canada:  contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: 

   Typical Email Solicitations 

From: allen paterson []
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 9:14 PM
Subject: I AM INTRESTED IN YOUR HORSES..............

Hello Seller,
My name is Allen Paterson, i am located at ACCONA IN ITALY, i buy used
Horses and resell them to local buyers, i have a customer who is
intrested in this your particular Horses you place for sale on net , i will like
to know if is still for sale also the present condition of the Horses and
the last asking price. All this infoamation are needed so that i will be
able to explain to my costomer the condtion of the Bike . As for the
shipping of the Horses , i will be responsibe for that okay.please i will
like to know if you will accept chashiers check for payment.Pls do get
back to me with the recent pic and the last offering price of the Horses .
Regards .......
Allen Paterson.


From: owen gold []
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 7:50 AM
Subject: last asking price.....................

my name is Mr timothy amare i am located in 19 Kenwyn Drive, Neasden London England but presently in canada with my family,i am interested in purchasing your (horse),which is urgently needed as a birthday gift for my son who will be 25yrs soon i wanted to purchase the horse for him because i promised to make him happy,so i want you to get back to methis details below:
(1)it's present condition and pictures if available.
(2)your last asking price.
please do get back to me immediately with this information so that payment can be made out to you immediately....
Mr timothy amare

<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> free e-mail @
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Good Day,
I deal with horse as I was just searching by for a used horse.I saw your sale and I am very much interested in it so I will like to know the cost of the horse so as to start the transaction immediately I will also like to know the present condition of the horse and mind you I will be paying by a certified cashier check payable to usa bank. As per the shipping I have a reputable shipper in usa who will come for the pick-up after this transaction. Thank you for your understanding. Your urgent respond is higly needed.ASAP. because i want to sell them


From: "Kojana Smith" <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 8:42 PM

i'm Kojana.i am on business affiliate in Africa at present.i'll
like to purchase a dog/puppies with humble & respect from your site.i need
your Chihuahua puppies,for my wife as a present for her
35th birthday in the united states next month.i will like you to provide me
the price in which you would like to sell it last.We are paying you
by cashier,if you are ready to transact with us,you can kindly
send down the following information:

(1)your full name(as it will appear on the cheque)
(2)your postal address.
(3)your postal code.
(4)your phone number.
(5)your fax number.
i'll like you to send the pics of the products to me.
i'm looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

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