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Nelson Nye's last book. Hard cover, 356 pages, 150 photos.
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Pacific Bailey ~ Sugar Bars
Three Chicks ~ Tiny Charger
Tiny Watch

Pedigree Reference for the Nineties!  9,000 stallions.
Book on Sale - 9,000 stallions

8 1/2 x 11 inches, laminated soft cover with silver foil lettering. 
528 pages. $35. Free Shipping.

A treasure trove of stallion pedigree patterns from the nineties! Find out which of these great sire lines have lived on in today's champions, and where to locate them in current stallions!
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Born Survivors on the Eve of Extinction. Can Iberia's Wild Horse Survive Among America's Mustangs?

Can Iberia's Wild Horse Survive Among America's Mustangs?

(Hardy Oelke)  The amazing discovery of Iberian Wild horses in the American West. A very well written, thought-provoking book with over 90 spectacular full color photos of wild horses.
If you have a dun Quarter Horse, these horses are undoubtedly the original source of that color. A great book for any horseman. Hard cover, filled with color photos taken in the wild by the author over a period of years. Learn more about this fascinating ancient ancestor of all light horse breeds.
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Roots - Foundation Quarter Horse Bloodlines - by A. Mattson

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Foundation Quarter Horse Bloodlines

Andrea Laycock Mattson

51/2 x 81/2 inch
vinyl laminated softcover.
112 pages. $16.95


Only 6 left as of 10-6-2011.
May have minor cover defects.

3,000+ horses listed alphabetically with names of sires, dams and maternal grandsires of early registered Quarter Horses and pre-registry horses whose pedigrees can be tricky to find. The book makes it possible for anyone to trace a horse's ancestry far beyond a standard pedigree chart. A picture section featuring 108 foundation horses arranged alphabetically reveals how their conformation compares to today's Quarter Horses. A handbook for pedigree buffs, this is a gold mine of information that will be turned to again and again. Blank 6-cross pedigree chart provided in centerfold.

5-1/2 x 81/2 inch vinyl laminated softcover. 112 pages. $16.95

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