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How to Place Equine Classified Ads

Step by step guide to placing full page horse classified pages, with or without photos.


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How to Place Equine Classified Ads

:: LOGIN -- After you set up your user registration, ("First Time Sign Up") you then access your own personal tool bar by clicking the "login" link near the top of the BuyHorsesONLY classified pages. You just type in your selected user name and password and click "submit." 

:: YOUR PERSONAL TOOL  BAR will appear with 4 tools ... to place ads, update ads, update your user information (such as a change in contact information or to change your ranch/business description), and to place an e-mail notification notice if you are looking for a horse to buy and don't see exactly what you are searching for.

:: Every ad has an Ad Identification (ID) number.  You will see it in your ad management pages,  and it also appears as the last characters in the ad URL in your browser's address line when you view it online.  This helps you keep your bearings when you are working with multiple ads. 

:: PLACING ADS -- To create a horse-for-sale or stallion-at-stud ad, just click the "Place Classified Ad" link. A form will come up. You will first be asked what type of ad you wish to place.  The 3 choices are: 


CHOOSE   TYPE OF AD you wish to place.  

FREE for full page ads using NO PHOTO
Renew free at 60 day intervals.

until further notice
for horse-for-sale ads with photos while our new classified ad programming is under construction. Photo changes are free and can be changed as often as you wish.

Click here for special details:

HORSE WANTED  (EMAIL NOTIFY) A free service: If you are not finding what you are looking for, try our notification system:

If you are a member, just login above and click the Email Notify link on your toolbar.

If you are NOT a member, then you have two options:

1.)  Register your ranch free and get the full benefits of our classifieds.

2.) Use this SHORT FORM  to quickly register for just the notification system. (This form is also available on  all Quick Search pages.)

:: SUBMISSION FORM BASICS: -- Most of the boxes in the form are clear as to the information you should provide.  Fill in all that apply to the horse you are entering.

IMPORTANT: Note that some of the form fields are labeled in red type.  These are "Required"  fields,  meaning they must contain some information or the ad will not save when you attempt to submit it.  If your computer loses it's connection to the web very often,  it is a good idea to fill in the required fields first and click the "submit" button at the bottom of the form to save it.  Then,  you can click the "Edit/Update" link from your tool menu, click the horse's name and continue filling out the form.  Save (the save button will now read "Update") whenever you have added significant information that you don't want to risk losing if your computer loses it's connection to the internet.  Repeat until your ad is complete.

:: SUITABILITY BOXES -- Be sure to select all that apply.  In the case of a broodmare,  it is also a good idea to select suitability categories for her unborn foal or foal at side.  This is to assist prospective buyers in their search.  The suitability selections you choose are what come up as search results when a buyer creates an Advanced Search query.

:: FUTURITY ELIGIBILITIES -- Please note the difference between the 2 input boxes.

The first box is for listing the futurities or incentive programs the horse for sale is eligible to compete in.

The second box is for listing the futurities or incentive programs a  sire's foals are (or will be) eligible to participate in.


Type the Sire's and Dam's names into the upper boxes provided on the chart table.  These names are "required."

You will note a blank box below the first and 2nd generation horse names in the chart.  This is the place to include notes you want to appear in the pedigree chart.  The boxes look small on the input form,  but they will hold about 325 characters of information.  Keep typing,  they will scroll.

In the middle generation,  there is room for about 100 characters of extra  information,  about 1/3  the amount of space available in the sire and dam boxes.  There is no provision for notes in the last generation. 

If you want to give extra information,  you can include it in the body of the ad,  in the box above labeled "Description."

:: ATTACHING A PHOTO -- Near the very bottom of the form is a box to specify a photo file to include in your ad.  Click the "Browse" button at the end of the text box.  Your computer's file system will open and allow you to browse to your photos.  Double click the photo's file name to attach it to your classified or catalog ad.  Use the largest photo size you have,  as it will automatically resize for a faster loading, high quality image exactly  3.25 inches on the longest dimension. Photos should be at least 325 pixels high or wide. If they are smaller, the image will be enlarged to 3.25 inches  on the longest side, which will appear less sharp in your ad.

:: SUBMIT the AD -- You should now be ready to click the "submit" button to place your ad.  You may see a warning message about a fee for adding photos to horse-for-sale ads.  This can be ignored,  because all sale horse photos are free at this time until we launch our new classified system later in 2008. If a payment page displays, you have several options to exit free and your ad WILL go online free with the photo. You may view that page now if you would like to familiarize yourself with it:

It may take a few seconds or longer for your ad to arrive at the server,  via the internet.

When the submission is complete,  another screen will display verifying that the page has been successfully submitted ... and you will see a link to "view your page"

Click the link for a preview of your page.  If you see something you want to add or change,  simply close the window (click the "x" in the upper right corner.)

Then,  click "Update Classified Ad" from your tool bar,
then click the name of the horse from your list of current ads.

The submission form will display with the information you previously entered.  Go though and add or change any information you wish,  then,  click the button at the bottom of the page,  which will now read:  "Update."

:: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ATTACHED A PHOTO,  the photo box will appear to be blank.
To keep the same photo:  LEAVE THE PHOTO BOX BLANK. 
To replace the photo with another photo:  click the "browse" button and attach the desired image,  as before.

:: PAYMENTS -- All information about making payments online or by mail,  and placing special complimentary ads,  such as Stallion Finder or Futurity Guide stallion pages can be found HERE.

  Login :: Your Tool Bar :: Placing Ads :: Types of Ads :: Ad ID
 Form Basics :: Submit the Ad :: Payments

Also see:  Ad Management ~ Photo Help ~

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