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How to Order & Save Performance Pedigrees

Ordering :: Printing Online :: Send a Copy to Yourself ::
Saving :: Adding the report to your Classified Ad

:: ORDERING  the REPORT from AQHA Online

Go to the AQHA members home page at: 
Find the AQHA Member login box on the page and enter your AQHA Membership ID and PIN code.

Click "Horse Research" from the menu near the top of the page.
Your options on this drop-down include:
    Begin Research now
    Your Submitted Reports
    Previously Reviewed Reports
    Research Foal Names
    Sample Records
    Account Balance Summary
    Increase Account Balance

   If you are not familiar with the various types of records available,  free samples can be viewed under the "Sample Records"  link,  include the following,  and are priced generally from $1.00 to $16.00;  with sire and maternal grandsire records based on five cents per foal with a $5.00 minimum charge.

Pedigree Records
Semi-Edited Show Performance Pedigree
Horse Performance Summary Record (Race & Show)
Horse Ownership Summary
Show Records - Now With Exhibitor Records
Get of Sire Records -- Race Horse
Get of Sire Records -- Show Horse
More Produce of Dam Records
Maternal Grandsire Records -- Race Horse
Maternal Grandsire Records -- Show Horse

Members receive a $10 credit each month toward records research.  You may add additional funding online if your needs exceed that amount.

The report called the Semi-Edited Show Performance Pedigree is an excellent value and works quite well as a catalog pedigree report or promotion for a stallion at stud or horse for sale in our full page online classified or catalog pages.

We have created easy instructions that enable you to format these reports for use at stallion pages, or our online Horse Sale catalogs and stallion service catalogs at, as well as and the Futurity Stallion Service catalogs linked from

Since all of the above pages offer unlimited space,  you can include the entire Performance Pedigree report in a wonderful 3-tiered catalog style format.

       as they will only be available there temporarily!)

After you have ordered a report online,  always click the link to view your report.
It will display in a nice print format,  which is actually a web page (formatted in HTML code behind the scenes.)

To print it,  simply click the "print" icon or link near the top of your browser's window.  Once you do that,  your will at least have a hard copy in the "worst case scenario."  However,  there are easy ways to save it to your hard drive or email the file to other interested parties while you still have it up on your screen.  AQHA only makes these reports available to you online for 72 hours,  so it is a good idea to print what you know you need now,  then save the report to your hard drive before you disconnect.  See instructions next:


Near the top of the page on your browser menu,  find the text link "FILE"
Click the word "FILE" and a drop-down menu will appear. 
One of the choices is "Send to ..."     Click on that.
Choose "Email" and an email window will open with the report attached.
First,  be sure to put your own email address in the "Send to" line, 
    so you will receive a properly formatted copy of the report to keep
    and save to your computer for future use.

The pre-addressed name of the report will appear in the email subject line and will consist of a lot of numbers and characters that don't identify the name of the horse or type of report very well.  At this point,  you can highlight that line with your mouse and change it so something a little easier to remember,  such as "Zan Parr Bar, Performance Pedigree - May 2004."

NEXT,  add the email addresses of anyone else you want to have a
    copy of this report,  separated by semi-colons (;)
Click "Send" and the report will be in your email box very shortly.
I recommend you save this report on your computer ASAP.  See next:

:: SAVING THE REPORT from EMAIL to your computer
      for future use:

Find the report in your Email Inbox.
From your Email "Inbox" you should see the message you recognize as the report you sent yourself.
Highlight the message title
Right click the message title
Click "print" to print if you wish to have another print-out..

Then,  save the report to your hard drive or desktop:
Right Click the message title in your inbox.
Click "Open" from the Drop-down menu.
Click "FILE" from the menu at the top of the page.
Then Click "Save As ..."
In the "Save in:" box, click the little triangle button at the right side
     of the text field and it will allow you to browse to the location,
     file and folder where you want to save the report.
Type in a title in the dialog box, and click "Save"
Now you have a safe copy of the report in case you ever need it again.
You are done!  Congratulations.


Tip:  To make your work easier,  you can have two windows open at the same time by resizing them to fit side by side or one above the other.  (The latter is probably the handiest.)  Resize windows by dragging a corner with your mouse or dragging top or bottom borders with your mouse when you see a double ended arrow.  Reposition the window by clicking on the top border and dragging the entire window to the position you want on screen.

You can also minimize your text editor window and open your browser,  then maximize and minimize the two windows to move between the two.

With your browser open,  log in to and enter your user name and password.  You can click  this login link  now if you wish.

Click the "Edit Classified Ad" on your manager toolbar. 

Click the name of the horse on the list of horses your have in the system.

You are now ready to copy and paste your performance pedigree report into your classified ad horse submission form online. It should be placed in the "Description" field of your classified ad.) Then, click the "Update" button at the bottom of the form.

IMPORTANT: Your file will not be saved to the web until you click the "update" button at the bottom of the submission form.

If you have a slow internet connection or you tend to lose your connection from time to time due to your ISP's timeout settings or electrical problems, it is a good idea to click the "update" button more frequently as you are working. At least as often as you are unwilling to retype information you have already typed in :-) Information you place into the form does NOT save to the web until you click the "update" or "submit" button. Until you do that, it is just temporary data on your screen.  It is a good idea to fill in the "Required Fields" (labeled in red print) in the form first,  then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the submit button before continuing.

TIP:  After you have posted and sent your report to the web by clicking the "update" button at the bottom of the submission form, you can place the most important information into the pedigree chart by typing (or copying and pasting) performance or produce information into the pedigree chart in 6 locations: the sire, dam, grandsires and granddam's tables in the chart. The insertion point for this data is below the field (box) containing the ancestor's name.

To dress up this report for a catalog style page in our online horse sale catalogs or full page classifieds or stallion pages, Click HERE for instructions.  (These reports can even be added to the free non-photo classifieds at no cost because space is unlimited at

Ordering :: Printing Online :: Send a Copy to Yourself ::
Saving :: Adding the report to your Classified Ad

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