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Simply put,  this is the place to remember when you need pedigree and performance information.  Outstanding "stand-alone" resources,  linked to pedigree charts in the "Stallion Finder" online stallion directory for Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas and Thoroughbreds.

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  Pedigree   ||  Progeny Record ||  Broodmare Sire Record


Sire Record


554 Foals from 24 crops.

370 Race Starters, 245 winners, 839 wins, 211 ROMs
33 Stakes Placers, 31 Stakes Winners, 46 Stakes Wins
Total Earnings: $605,463.

69 Halter point-earners earned 935 points
46 Performance point-earners earned 840 points

An All-Time Leading Sire of Race ROMs: 
       211 ROMs (80 AAAT-AAA)

An All-Time Leading Sire of AQHA Champions:
      10th/ 24 Champions

An All-Time Leading Maternal Grandsire of Race ROMs:
       11th/ with 754 ROMs/ $6,146,643. thru 1998
An All-Time Leading Maternal Grandsire of Money Earners:
       26th with 1378 starters earning $6,146,643.

All-Time Leading Maternal Grandsire of AQHA Champions:
       1st/ 58 Champions

Sire of 211 Race ROMs, incl:

MISS MEYERS AAAT $28,725. 94-pts SW
   1953 World Champion Quarter Running Horse
   1953 Champion Quarter Running Mare

MONA LETA AAAT $12,001. 69-pts SW
   1953 Champion Quarter Running Three Year Old Mare

BOBBIE LEO AAAT $ 9,416. 47-pts SW
   1954 Champion Quarter Running Two Year Old Mare

PALLEO PETE AAAT $12,005. 51-pts SW
   1954 Champion Quarter Running Stallion
   1954 Champion Quarter Running Two Year Old Stallion

Miss Olene AAAT $31,532. 35-pts SW
Quincy Leota
AAAT 16,813. 39-pts SW
AA 12,109. 48-pts
Hygro Leo AAA 11,954. 27-pts SP
Mac Lee
AAA 11,694. 74-pts SW
AA 11,414. 55-pts
Robin Reed AAAT 11,223. 73-pts SW
AAA 10,434. 36-pts SW
Pansy Leo
AAA 10,117. 5-pts SW
Little Zeke
AAA 9,834. 60-pts SW
Lady Bird Leo
AAAT 9,710. 28-pts SW
AAA 8,597. 15-pts SP
Mr Pawhuska
AA 7,547. 43-pts
Connie Leo AAA 7,509. 24-pts
Leo Horn AAA 7,461. 38-pts
Chalk Eye Leo AA 7,436. 40-pts
Lonsum Polecat AAA 7,105. 47-pts SP
AA 7,095. 24-pts
Lady Leo AAA 7,089. 26-pts SW
Pamie Jo
AAA 7,012. 21-pts SP
Leo Nick
AA 6,874. 21-pts
Leolita AAA 6,545. 52-pts SW
Me Bright
AAAT 6,052. 27-pts SW
Leo Bob
AAA 5,686. 19-pts SW
Mr Spanish Lee
AAA 5,545. 9-pts SW

1 AQHA High Point Horse:

LEOB -- 1958 AQHA High Point Halter Gelding

1 NCHA World Champion Top-Ten Horse:

6th -- 1963 NCHA World Champion Cutting Horse -- $9,344.

1 AQHA Supreme Champion:


24 AQHA Champions:

Baca Leo, Bar H Leo, Beauty Joleta, Buffalo Joe, Hygro Leo, Jimmie Poteet, John Leo, Leo Bingo, Leo Maudie, Leo Spanish, Leo Sugar Bar, Leo Tag, Leob, Leola, Leolita, Leovada, Miss Etta Leo, Mr Spanish Lee, Okie Leo, Sir Zan Leo, Sweet Leilani W, Tianna Leo, Tiger Leo, Wimpy Leo.

1 Superior Cutting Horse:

Holey Sox

1 Superior Reining Horse:

Okie Leo

1 NCHA Bronze Cutting Award:

Holey Sox

4 Superior Halter Horses:

Beauty Joleta, Leo Bingo, Saucy Sue, Wimpy Leo.

33 Performance ROMS:

Baca Leo, Buffalo Joe, Catch Leo, Hank Leo, Heleo, Holey Sox, Jimmy Poteet, Joe Buck, John Leo, Keleo Bailey, Lemac, Leo Bert Dear, Leo Bingo, Leo Deck, Leo Gray, Leo Maudie, Leo Ray, Leo Rita Rey, Leo Spanish, Leo Sugar Bar, Leo Tolo, Leo's Forty Nine, Leob, Miss Etta Leo, Mr Spanish Lee, My Leo Mambo, Okie Leo, Saucy Leo, Sir Zan Leo, Sweetwater's Leo, Tianna Leo, Tiger Leo, Wimpy Leo.

LITTLE FANNY ... dam of:

Little Sister W -- AAA -- $10,019. SW

Firebrand Reed -- AA -- $2,467.

Fanny's Finale -- AA -- $1,137.

Ashwood -- A -- $49.

Leo -- A -- (data not available)

Gusdusted -- Show ROM

  Pedigree   ||  Progeny Record ||  Broodmare Sire Record

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